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Personality, Cognitive Style and Internet Use

download  DOC809.pdf
L. A. Jackson, A. von Eye, F. A. Biocca, G. Barbatsis, H. E. Fitzgerald, Y. Zhao
Swiss Journal of Psychology: Special Issue, Studying the Internet: A challenge for modern psychologY.

Using eye tracking and psychophysiological methods to study spatial presence

Laarni, J., Ravaja, N. and Saari, T.
In The Online Proceedings of PRESENCE 2003 - The 6th Annual International Workshop on Presence. 6.-8.10. 2003, Aalborg, Danmark.

The effect of the agency and anthropomorphism on users' sense of telepresence, copresence, and social presence in virtual environments

download  DOC836.pdf
K. Nowak, F. Biocca
Presence:Teleoperators and Virtual Environments.

Motives for Internet use: Communication, information, consumption and Internet use in low-income families.

L. A. Jackson, A. von Eye, F. Biocca, Y. Zhao, G. Barbatsis, H. E. Fitzgerald
Information, Communication and Society

Telewindows: Case Studies in Asymmetrical Social Presence

download  DOC1084.pdf
Heeter, Carrie; Gregg, Jennifer; Climo, Jacob; Biocca, Frank; Dekker, David
Being There: Concepts, Effects and Measurement of User Presence in Synthetic Environments

The Impact of 3-D advertising on product knowledge, brand attitude and purchase intention: The mediating role of presence

download  DOC821.pdf
Hairong Li, Terry M. Daugherty, Frank Biocca
Journal of Advertising

The VEPSY UPDATED Project: Clinical Rationale and Technical Approach

G. Riva, M. Alcaņiz, L. Anolli, M. Bachatta, R. Baņos, C. Buselly, F. Beltrame, C. Botella, G.Castelnuovo, G. Cesa, S. Conti, C. Gallimberti, L. Gamberini, A. Glaggioni, E. Klinger, P. Legeron, F.Mantovani, G.Mantovani, E. Molinari, G. Optale, L. Ricciardiello, C. Perpiņá, S. Roy, A. Sapagnolli, R. Troiani & C. Weddle.
CyberPsychology & Behaviour

Approaches to the design and measurement of social and information awareness in augmented reality systems.

download  DOC745.pdf
Frank A. Biocca, Jannick Rolland, Geraud Plantegenest, Chandan Reddy, Chad Harms, Charles B. Owen, Weimin Mou, Arthur Tang
Human - Centred Computing: Cognitive, Social and Ergonomic Aspects. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI International 2003)
Lawrence Erlbaum

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