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Form Factor and Game Violence

This project examines how different features of computer games affect userís psychological responses to violence.

The current experiment investigates whether realistic cues of the effects of violence - blood color (red), sound cues of pain (screams), and perspective (first person) - affect players’ arousal, feeling of presence, and their memory for the game events and positions. These variables are thought to be related to a user’s personal experience with games. 

Preliminary results suggest that the relationship between arousal and presence may have implications for memory of in-game events.  

Data analysis carried out so far indicate that both manipulations of realistic cues of violence (red blood and screams of pain) increase the player’s arousal regardless of the user’s level of game experience, and the arousal has a significant relationship with engagement by affecting presence strongly. In particular, presence (engagement) is stronger than other variables in explaining the memory effect, and engagement mediated the effect between arousal and memory. However, first-person perspective shows negative effects on both arousal and presence.


from 2008-12-13 to 2008-12-13

keywords: Game Violence

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