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Small Talk

SmallTalk is a visual editor for dialog in computer games. With SmallTalk, script writers and non-programmers can easily create dialog for video games with complex branching structures and dynamic response characteristics.


A challenge in the design of computer games is writing, organizing, and testing non-linear dialog involving multiple user options and branches to many different possible character responses.  The SmallTalk system consists of an editor program that allows authors to design complex conversations with multiple options and a runtime component that manages the progression through the conversation during game play. 

SmallTalk makes it easy for game writers and non-programmers to create dialog for computer games directly without having to edit complex file formats or pass their work to programmers who must then embed the dialog in the game program. 

SmallTalk is being created to solve a problem that is common in game development: how to enter large quantities of non-linear dialog so as to convey a story in conversations without requiring the direct participation of programmers.  As computer games become more widely accepted as tools for teaching and behavior influence, game development must become easier.  Tools such as SmallTalk and the experience gained in the program’s development can help to drive development of tools that can help in that process.


from 2008-12-13 to 2008-12-13

keywords: Games

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