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Emergency Risk Communication

we are examining how interactive polling technology can be used to improve the quality of training exercises that focus on public health preparedness.

Our research team is working with the Ohio Department of Health and the School of Public Health at The Ohio State University to assess preparedness and effectiveness of public health information professional in dealing with emergency risk communication situations. The JIC (Joint Information Centers) project examines the readiness of each county to start and operate a JIC in the event of a major catastrophe. The exercise involves two major components. First, a representative from each county is trained by a Public Information officer for the Ohio Department of Health. The second step is a subsequent training exercise in each county, which is coordinated by the representative who attended the initial training exercises. The primary research objective of our research team is to evaluate the effectiveness of the training that occurs at each JIC. We are also interested in examining decision making process during the exercises. We will provide selected JICs with a wireless interactive polling technology, which will enable trainees to respond to questions about how decisions are made. This will be contrasted with JICs that use normal methods for deliberation and decision-making. Second, at the end of each training session, we will assess the JIC’s perceived self-efficacy to respond to effectively to emergency health communications situations.

from 2005-10-25 to 2005-10-25

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