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An interactive performance system for performers with disabilities.

The eVokability Interactive Costume is an interactive performance system for performers with disabilities. Wearable devices integrated into the performer's Costume sense the unique contours of her body's capabilities, concentrated in a particular expressive action. Responsive animations project her movement into the performance space, as dynamically-controlled animation, sound and video. The performer's body and its movement become more visible to the viewer, a live/projected presence. A narrative emerges, layering multiple channels of speech: spoken, textual, filmic, sonic, kinesthetic. The performance both foregrounds the performer's body and establishes her own gaze, looking back. The Costume is configured from custom-designed and off-the-shelf components, wirelessly controlling animation, video and sound via Max/MSP/Jitter real-time audio/video processing software. eVokability is currently being developed in a collaborative process involving performers with disabilities, interaction designers, animators, disabilities consultants and voice signal programmers. The project has received generous funding support from the Temple Provost's Junior Faculty Research Initiative, from the Grant-in-Aid program and from the School of Communications and Theater.

from 2005-10-14 to 2006-02-01
Sarah Drury

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