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Interaction and presence in urban areas

The project studies interaction and presence in urban environments with an emphasis on social construction of presence. Portable environments and interfaces for mixed reality technology are developed based on the research results in various application areas, such as urban design.

IPCity – Integrated Project on Interaction and Presence in Urban Environments
The research aim of the IPCity project is to investigate analytical and technological approaches to presence in real life settings. Analytically, this includes extending the approaches to presence accounting for the participative and social constitution of presence, the multiplicity and distribution of events in time and space. Technologically, this translates into developing portable environments for on-site configuration, mobile and light-weight mixed reality interfaces with the ambition to weave them into "the fabric of everyday life". Methodologically, this calls for moving "out of the lab" with field trials in real settings, applying a triangulation of disciplines and methods for evaluation. These range from interpretative-ethnographic to quasi-experimental approaches and include cognitive science, social-psychological, and cultural-anthropological disciplines. Application areas of technology are for instance urban design.

This project is partly conducted in Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT) by User Experience Research Group (UERG) co-lead by Dr. Timo Saari. More information at:

from 2006-10-01 to 2010-11-01
Timo Saari; Giulio Jacucci

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