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Clinical use of VR mood devices
VR technology for mood induction
We have developed and tested the efficacy of VR mood devices for the induction of different emotions: relaxation, sadness, elation, and anxiety and we plan to give a clinical use to these devices (relaxation, treatment of pain).

Our VR environments for the induction of emotions are parks where the user can walk around. By means of music, photos, words, videos, and the appearance of the park (sunny, snowing, raining, etc.) the user changes his/her mood.
We have tested these mood devices with different technologies: HMD vs, flat screen vs. powerwall.
Our aim is to use these virtual environments in clinical settings to induce relaxation and other positive moods in order to decrease anxiety or pain.
Associated Projects: 

Title: Engaging media for mental health applications. IST-2001-39192 (EMMA)
Funded by: V Programa Marco Europeo
Project Coordinator: Mariano Alcañiz (UPV)
P.I. in Universitat Jaume I: Dr. Cristina Botella
Participants: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia; Universidad Jaume I, University of London, Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Universita degli studi di Padova, Interactive Institute (Umea, Suecia)

from 2002-01-01 to 2009-11-01


Rey A., Alcaņiz M., Lozano J.A., “New technologies for providing remote psychological treatments”, in Cybertherapy, IOS Press, Volume 99, pp 17, 2004 view

Botella, C., Garcia-Palacios, A., Baņos, R., Guillen, V., Quero, S., Lasso de la Vega, N.1 & Osma, J., “The Treatment of Emotions in a Virtual World. Application in a Case of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.”, Paper presented at Cyberpsychology 2005, Basel, Switzerland., 2005 view

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