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Presence Measurement Effects Conditions
"Presence: Measurement, Effects, Conditions" (MEC) is a large project that seeks to improve the measurement of spatial presence, the feeling of "being there" in virtual environemnts.

"Presence: Measurement, Effects, Conditions" (MEC) is intended to achieve three objectives within Presence research:
  1. A comparative investigation of different methodologies (questionnaire, think-aloud, distraction-paradigm, eye-movement recording and functional magnetic resonance imaging [fMRI]) to measure Presence experiences on the basis of a psychologically elaborated theoretical model.
  2. Investigation of the role of Presence experiences in media-based learning processes with regard to educational hyper text and VR/multimedia systems.
  3. Illumination of the influence of users' motivational dispositions and skills on the development of Presence experiences.

from 2002-10-11 to 2005-09-30
Feliz Gouveia, Timo Saari

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