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Experiential e-Commerce

In this project we are studying the effects of simulated shopping and consumption experiences on consumer behavior.


Determine effect of 3D product presentation on consumer learning, satisfaction, and purchasing intentions.

Explore role of anthropomorphic agents on consumer learning and satisfaction with ecommerce transactions.

Effect of physical and social presence on consumer experience and psychology.

Measurement of consumer behavior in virtual environments.


Consumers learn about products through direct experience such as trial and indirect experience such as advertising. However, 3-D ecommerce is able to provide consumers with a new type of mediated experience - a virtual consumer experience.

A virtual consumer experience is a psychological and emotional state that consumers undergo when they interact with products in a 3-D environment or within intelligent agents. A virtual experience has the potential to be richer than both direct and indirect experience for
consumer learning because an experience can be simulated, framed, annotated and contextualized within virtual environments.

from 2001-07-05 to 2003-01-05
Frank Biocca

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