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José Antonio Gil Gómez
Research Associate

M.I.N.D. Lab, Polytechnic University of Valencia

José Antonio Gil Gómez is Professor in the Department of Computer Systems and Computation at Technical University of Valencia (UPV) (Spain) since 2001.

Education: Ph.D. – Software engineering, 1996, UPV; Ph.D, 2004, UPV, award.

He is research unit coordinator at the Medical Image Computing Laboratory (MedICLab), focusing on Computer Graphics. He has worked developing several systems for virtual environments creation and visualization. Also he has participated in various virtual reality projects in the field of mental health. In the medical area he has collaborated in the development of dental images analysis systems and CAS systems for brain, spine and orthopaedic surgery. Moreover he has actively participated in the development of collaborative systems in the medical area. Furthermore is PhD has been focused in PC-clusters based radiosity algorithms. José Antonio Gil has been investigator in differents research projects, funded by national and European institutions; concerning european projects, he has collaborated in various projects with the Virtual Reality / Virtual Environments topic: VRE-COMMERCE: High Perfomance Virtual Reality Distributed Electronic Commerce: Application for the Furniture and Ceramics Industries (IST-1999-20785), VEPSY-UPDATED: Telemedicine Virtual Environments for Clinical Psychology (IST-2000-25323) and (EMMA: Engaging Media for Mental Health Applications (IST-2001-39192)). He has published many articles in national and international journals, as well a book in the Computer Science area. He has also presented over 20 works at international and national conferences.

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