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Jose Antonio Lozano Quilis
Research Associate

M.I.N.D. Lab, Polytechnic University of Valencia

Josť Antonio Lozano Quilis is an assistant profesor in the Department of Computer Systems and Computation (DSIC) at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). He received his M. Sc. Degree in Computer Science Engineering in 1996. From 1995 he has been working as a researcher in the Medical Image Computing Laboratory (MedICLab), focusing in Computer Graphics, mainly, in Virtual Reality (VR). He has worked in the development of Virtual Environments (VE) for the treatment of psychological disorders (phobias) such as Claustrophobia, Fear to Fly, Anorexia, Agoraphobia, Addiction to Gambling and Small Animals. Moreover, he has collaborated in several european projects concerning this topic (VEPSY-UPDATED: Telemedicine Virtual Environments for Clinical Psychology (IST-2000-25323)) and virtual reality and presence (EMMA PROJECT - Engaging Media for Mental Health Applications (IST-2001-39192)). Also is collaborating in other european projects about virtual reality applied to other medicine fields such as rehabilitation and motor learning (I-LEARNING: Immersion/Imagery Enhanced Learning (IST-2001-3886)). In 2004 he has finished his PhD, focused in Virtual Tele-Therapy applied to the treatment of psychological didorders (phobias).

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