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Judee Burgoon
Associate Director

M.I.N.D. Lab, University of Arizona

Judee Burgoon is Professor of Communication, Professor of Family Studies and Human Development, and Director of Human Communication Research for the Center for the Management of Information at the University of Arizona. Professor Burgoon has authored or co-authored seven books and monographs and over 200 articles, chapters and reviews related to deception, nonverbal and relational communication, interpersonal relationship management, dyadic interaction patterns, computer-mediated communication, research methods, and public opinion toward the media. She has received funding in excess of $6 million from several federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and intelligence agencies to study human deception, nonverbal communication, and detection technologies.


  • Behavioral Observation/Annotation [>]
  • Discerning Intent from Behavior [>]
  • Automating Deception Detection [>]


  • Network minds theory and measure of social presence: Some early explication and validation. [>]
  • Criteria and scope conditions for a theory and measure of social presence [>]
  • Towards a more robust theory and measure of social presence: Review and suggested criteria [>]

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