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Prabu David
Associate Director

M.I.N.D. Lab, Ohio State University


  • Mood and Technology [>]
  • Media Diary and Displacement [>]
  • Tailored communication during chemo [>]
  • IVR-Based Physical Activity Intervention [>]


  • Does virtual space come precoded with meaning? Location around the body in virtual space affects the meaning of objects and agents. [>]
  • Proceedings of the Experiential E-commerce conference (CD-Rom) ( [>]
  • Evolution of the mobile infosphere: iterative design of a high information-bandwidth, mobile augmented reality interface. [>]
  • Separating wheat from chaff: Understanding the novelty of interacting with 3D products [>]
  • Head-mounted projective display: design and [>]
  • Adaptive Navigation on the WWW: an individualised and contextualised rough guide metaphor approach [>]
  • Enabling the generation of individualised World Wide Web Rough Guides [>]
  • An empirical study on the usability of an information navigation aid [>]
  • Towards user-specific navigation guidance on the World Wide Web [>]
  • The effects of anthropomorphic agents on advertising effectiveness and the mediating role of presence [>]
  • Effect of sensory immersion on presence, product knowledge, attitude towards the product, and purchase intention [>]
  • Effect of sensory immersion on presence, product knowledge, attitude towards the product, and purchase intention [>]
  • Plugging your body into the telecommunication system: Mediated embodiment, media interfaces, and social virtual environments [>]
  • Using directed World Wide Web navigation guidance: an empirical investigation [>]
  • Consumer Learning and 3-D Ecommerce: The effects of sequential exposure of a virtual experience relative to indirect and direct product experience on product knowledge, brand attitude and purchase intention [>]
  • Psychological characteristics of virtual experience: A comparison of verbalization in 3-D and 2-D advertising [>]
  • Evolution of the Mobile Infosphere: Iterative Design of High Information-bandwidth, Mobile Augmented Reality Interface [>]
  • The Effects of Commercials on Memory and Perceived Importance of Television News. [>]
  • CAIN: Computer Aided Information Navigation: project description [>]
  • Mapping the semantic asymmetries of virtual and augmented reality space (extended abstract) [>]
  • Telewindows: Case Studies in Asymmetrical Social Presence [>]

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