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Youngest MSU Student M.I.N.D. Programmer

Taraz Buck, a 17-year-old Okemos resident, is the youngest full-time student ever to attend MSU, and already has a full semester of college credit. Taraz was first accepted to Iowa State University, but chose MSU because his parents live near East Lansing. MSU has provided him with a four-year scholarship. Taraz attended several college classes last year and worked for two semesters under biochemistry and molecular biology Associate Professor David Arnosti's tutelage.

Currently, he works at MSU' s M.I.N.D. Lab, which researches human and computer interaction. His work includes some programming projects. He will stay at MSU for another two years while he finishes his dual major in computer science and chemistry. His main goal is to specialize in biomedial engineering. In his own words: "I feel it's my duty to advance civilization".


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