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Gary Bente


Cologne, Germany

Photo University of Cologne Lab
The M.I.N.D. Lab Germany became a lab in 2003 and is specializing in personality and social psychology/media psychology, nonverbal communication: impression management and emotional regulation, person perception and stereotyping: gender issues and cross-cultural communication, human computer interaction and computer mediated communication, avatars and embodied conversational agents (ECAs), emergent interfaces: usability and acceptance in HCI, real time measurement of media effects and reception processes (psychophysiology, eye movement, behavior observation).
CineLab: Laboratory for the integrated measurement of emotional and cognitive responses to TV offerings (Cinema-like or single-box reception situations for the simultaneous measurement of up to 40 participants: psycho-physiological, online-evaluation, behavioral recordings). Virtual communication environment (VCE): A TCP-IP based platform consisting of four terminals equipped with head and body trackers, data gloves and eye trackers. Nonverbal behavior (movement, gestures and gaze) can be pre-recorded (canned behavior for ECAs) or transmitted and rendered in real time (avatar conferences). UsE-IT: a usability lab for electronic devices and information technologies. The lab includes a new type of browser recording position, z-order and visibility of HTML objects on the screen and a high resolution eye tracker. Gaze data can be automatically assigned to the objects in the visual field.


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