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camino vera s/n
46022 Valencia (Spain)

46022 Valencia, Spain

Photo Polytechnic University of Valencia Lab
The Medical Image Computing Laboratory - medICLab (M.I.N.D. Lab at Technical University of Valencia-Spain) started its activities in 1993. The research focus is on computer assisted medical interventions, HCI, VR and AR interfaces. The main research topics are: tangible interfaces, calligraphic interfaces, VR and AR interfaces, multimodal interfaces, real time graphics, real time realistic avatars, presence in virtual environments, development and testing of VR applications for the treatment of mental disorders, virtual rehabilitation (VR for physical rehabilitation).

Mediclab has pioneered relevant VR, AR and Presence related research activities like being the first group in applying AR technology for the treatment of some mental disorders, developing VR technology for mood induction, developing innovative tangible interfaces for VR treatment of depression and developing innovative invisible markers for AR.

MedIClab has a long history in European research. The European projects and initiatives in which MedICLab has participated and is participating - IST 6th, 5th and 4th Framwork Programs (over 10 projects), BRITE/EURAM, EUREKA, CRAFT, -strengthens and increases MedICLab’s institutional connections at international level. Thus, MedICLab is part of an international institutional network of extreme relevance, supported by personal relationships between its researchers and their project colleagues from other institutions both at home and abroad.
  • 4 sided CAVE
  • 5 m wide visionarium
  • HMD's, Z-screen
  • VR gloves
  • Haptic interfaces
  • Eye treacking systems
  • Motion platforms
  • Biolectronic sensors
  • Optical, inertial and electromagnetic trackers
  • Behavioral analysis system
  • Physiological measurement
  • VR software platforms (own developments)
  • Real time biomechanical software simulation (own development)


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