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Tammasaarenkatu 3
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00180, Helsinki, Finland

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M.I.N.D. Lab Finland is operating inside Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research (CKIR) within Helsinki School of Economics.
CKIR participates and initiates research on local, national and global level. The main funders are the EU, our Corporate Research Partners, the National Technology Agency of Finland (TEKES) and the Academy of Finland. Close partner for interaction in the area of mobile computing is Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT), .

Our research has three initial focus areas:

  • Global Competitiveness through Creativity and Innovation: Co-evolution of Global Firms with Local Innovation Ecosystems
  • Human-Centered and User-Experience-based Media and Communication Technology
  • New Industry Creation and Private-Public-Partnership-projects in LivingLab environments
M.I.N.D. Lab Finland concentrates on the Human-Centered aspects of research within CKIR in a research program called Human-Centered and User-Experience-based Media and Communication Technology. This program is focused as follows:
  • Research on experiential computing in mobile and other technologies to produce design-rules for building technologies to fulfill desired user experiences (efficiency of cognition, positive emotion etc.)
  • Research includes experiments with advanced mobile and other types of applications and services, such as knowledge work applications and mobile entertainment in real-life contexts
  • Research also generates a new field-based empirical, predictive and context-sensitive method for studying user experience in conjunction with state-of-the-art laboratory-based studies
  • Work has a three-fold focus:
    • Media-rich collaboration technologies for knowledge work teams, such as collaborative gaming and social awareness technologies to facilitate product development
    • Design for emotion in games, with focus on low-level components of gaming events that elicit specific emotions. Implications to adaptive system design are concluded.
    • Psychology and adaptation of mobile interaction. This deals with psychological impact of mobile use contexts and situations, the role of mood in mobile interaction and the adaptation of mobile interfaces by manipulating design and form factors.
CKIR´s M.I.N.D. Lab- research is currently concentrating on psychophysiology of emotion and cognition, various individual differences in information processing and questionnaire scales for emotion, mood, learning, judgement, presence and social presence.

In CKIR, there is a fully equipped psychophysiology laboratory, including an electrically shielded room and a data acquisition system (Contact Precision Instruments, London, UK) for recording electroencephalography (EEG; 16 channels), facial electromyography (EMG; 8 channels), electrocardiography (ECG), electrodermal activity (EDA), finger pulse, pulse transit time, and skin temperature. There is also a video system enabling the recording of the participant's behavior and the presented stimuli (e.g., computer games), the video recordings being time-locked with the physiological data. In addition, CKIR has a mobile physiological data acquisition system (Varioport-B, Becker Meditec, Karlsruhe, Germany) combined with a small head-mounted video camera. This system can record EEG (8 channels), facial EMG (3 channels), ECG, EDA, respiration, physical activity, speech activity, and ambient temperature, illumination, and noise.

In addition CKIR also has a laboratory for visual cognition in which complex visualizations as well as user interfaces are studied with eye-tracking cameras. Current research in this laboratory has been linked to citizen participation into elections and we have been part of a project in which an election engine has been built based on our visualizations.


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