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Feliz Gouveia

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Luís Borges Gouveia

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Ana Sacau

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Paulo Rurato


University Fernando Pessoa
Pr 9 de Abril, 349
4249-004 Porto

tel +351-225071306
fax +351-225508269

Porto, Portugal

Photo University Fernando Pessoa Lab
The M.I.N.D. Lab at University Fernando Pessoa specializes in:
  • spatial presence
  • human-computer interaction
  • information representation
Areas of application include:
  • health
  • elearning, learning environments

M.I.N.D. Lab UFP has access to digital video laboratories, stereo glasses, and 3D editing software.

The Fernando Pessoa M.I.N.D. lab occupies two rooms, 35 square meters each, with space for eight people and equipment. This lab is next door to the main conference room, digital video laboratory, and the computer labs. The lab has a HMD system, Sense8, Crystal Eyes eyewear, and access to digital video and speech equipment.

M.I.N.D Lab members have been collaborating with other UFP research centers, in the areas of Information Sciences, Psychology, and Leisure and Tourism. The recently created Medical School of UFP offers also several collaboration and research possibilities, in information visualization, information management, human-computer interaction, virtual environments, and other collaborative work.

Graduate students of several areas have been working at the M.I.N.D. Lab on short projects, contributing to the application of the Lab’s competencies in several domains. The University encourages international cooperation and networking, participating mainly in European and Latin American projects.


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