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School of Communications and Theater

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 19122

Photo Temple University Lab
The M.I.N.D. Lab at Temple University opened in 2004. Work in the Lab focuses on theoretical and empirical exploration of (tele)presence in a variety of contexts including television, photography and art.
  Study to Examine Presence in Pop Culture
The Temple M.I.N.D. Lab is launching an ambitious study of portrayals of presence experiences in popular fiction. Though the term itself is rarely used, presenc...
The Temple M.I.N.D. Lab features a combination of experiment/observation and exhibition/performance space, with extensive audiovisual presentation equipment and a variety of computing resources and physiological measurement tools. The lab is housed within the large School of Communications and Theater (SCT), which includes video and film editing areas, broadcast and film production areas, multimedia computer labs, a photographic lab, and a 75-seat film and video screening room.


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