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Prabu David


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Lance Oditt

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Tim Laubacher

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Brant Guillory

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Brian Horton

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Mihye Seo

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Seong-jae Min

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Natalie Guinsler

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D'arcy Oaks

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Tom German

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Tingting Lu


3016 Derby Hall
154 North Oval Mall
Columbus, 43210

Ohio, USA

Photo Ohio State University Lab
The M.I.N.D. Lab at OSU began operations in 1999 just after the launch of the MSU lab. The lab specializes in the study of the effects of communication technologies, primarily in health interventions. Research projects focus on basic and applied research. Aspects of visual and information design are central to many of the current projects in the lab.
  NIH Grant on Tailored Communication
In this project, patients undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer are encouraged to maintain a side effects diary on a PDA. An application developed by the M....

We employ a variety of hardware and software tools. We have access to an Applied Science Laboratories’ eye-tracker for usability studies and Gazetracker software for analyzing the eye tracking data.

We use an in-house rapid-development framework (code generator) written in ASP to rapidly design and deploy web questionnaires.

Interactive Voice Response are developed on the Microsoft Speech Server. We use Microsoft SQL Server as the relational database. Most of the development is on the .NET framework. All our mobile applications are developed in Windows Mobile. Recently, we have developed a handheld diary application that has been used extensively for a variety of ecological momentary assessments.


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