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Associate Director

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Judee Burgoon


Arizona, USA

Photo University of Arizona Lab
The University of Arizona M.I.N.D. Lab became an official lab in 2004 and specializes in deception, automated tools for capturing and analyzing human behavior, computer human interaction, multimedia modeling, and presence research.

The U of AZ M.I.N.D. lab has immediate access to six networked computers with web access, videoconferencing capability, and state-of-the art recording and observational electronic equipment.

The U of AZ M.I. N.D. Lab is a multimedia facility that includes a professional studio; an Avid Xpress Video Workstation to capture, prepare, analyze, and distribute video and audio in a variety of formats; a gigabit network; high-end multimedia workstations and servers which allow the creation of rich content applications and training materials such as training videos and multimedia.

Detection Integrated Multimedia (D-DIMs) Laboratory is a multi-million dollar facility that will house state-of-the art audio, video, and computer equipment to capture, store, index, and retrieve multimedia files used in their deception detection research and training as well as to measure and analyze configurations of verbal and nonverbal deception indicators in near real time. This laboratory supports ever-expanding video storage requirements through providing 7 terabytes of online disk-based storage capacity in a combined Storage Area Network (SAN)/Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.


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