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The M.I.N.D. Labs are a networked consortium of ten labs located in seven countries spanning universities in the United States and Europe. The labs conduct research in human-computer interaction, communication, and virtual environment design. For a summary of the activities at individual labs, choose from the drop-down menu in the top navigation bar.





NIH Grant on Tailored Communication
In this project, patients undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer are encouraged to maintain a side effects diary on a PDA. An application developed by the M.I.N.D. Lab design team tracks reports of side effects and triggers appropriate intervention video clips that provide patients with tips on how to explain the side effects to the physician. A printed report of the side effect profile is presented to the physician during the patient’s clinic visits.
Study to Examine Presence in Pop Culture
The Temple M.I.N.D. Lab is launching an ambitious study of portrayals of presence experiences in popular fiction. Though the term itself is rarely used, presence has become a common topic in films (e.g., The Matrix), on television (e.g., the various Star Trek series), and in literature (e.g., William Gibson's Neuromancer). The study will use a short online form to collect plot summaries and information about these portrayals of presence. As the collected data grows, a systematic analysis will be conducted to reveal our collective hopes and fears regarding future technologies and how they may be used. More information about this project is available here.


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