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Hi there! My name is Robert Holloway. I am a B2B Technology Writer.

My specialties include mobile technologies, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things (IOT), cloud computing, digital currencies, 3D printing, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and more. Check out several content samples on this website, and then contact me.

Technology News

green energyNew Green Technology Generates Electricity out of Thin Air

A team of researchers from the University of Massachusetts have built a device which turns moisture in the air into electricity. The "Air-gen" utilizes special electrodes which are connected to conductive protein nanowires to produce power using water vapors, which are present in the atmosphere.

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brainGoogle Publishes a High-Resolution Map of Brain Connectivity

Google and the Janelia Research Campus have published a high-resolution 3D model which shows 20 million synapses connecting approximately one third (about 25,000 neurons) in the brain of a fruit fly. Representations like these will help neuroscientists link certain brain areas to specific actions.

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lensesMojo, the AR Contact Lenses that Give Your Eyes Superpowers

Mojo Vision is working on a tiny display that will project images onto the retina. The system can help people who have poor vision or want superhero eyesight, by fitting all the required parts into standard contact lenses. Mojo is supposed to give people advanced vision without requiring eye surgery.

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Your Business Needs High-Quality Content

I help companies tell brand stories by becoming familiar with their products and services, and then writing about them in an engaging way. I have written thousands of articles for companies working in various industries, but the technology sector is the closest to my heart. I am the type of guy who is always interested in testing the latest and greatest gadget, the type of person who cannot get to sleep before checking out the most recent industry breakouts.

If you need content that simplifies complex technologies, making them accessible to people who don't have formal training in the tech sector, I'm your guy. I have been writing articles in this industry for more than 10 years now, and I won't stop here. Though I work on a contract basis, many of my clients have adopted me as a remote team member. This says something about the quality of my work.

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Technology Stats

ai statsAI Worldwide - Statistics & Facts

According to Statista, global artificial intelligence market revenue is forecast to exceed 125 billion in 2025. The global AI software market is expected to grow over 150% year-on-year, exceeding 22 billion U.S. dollars.

Source: statista

wifiWi-Fi Stats that Businesses Must Know

Did you know that there are almost 15 billion mobile devices in the entire world? That's about 1.97 Wi-Fi enabled devices per capita, according to Data Alliance. Wireless data usage is higher on devices with larger screens.

Source: data-alliance

big data30 Eye-Opening Big Data Statistics

According to Kommando Tech, people are generating about 2.5 quintillion bytes (2,500,000 Terabytes) of data each day. However, it is interesting to note that nearly 90% of all data has been created within the last two years.

Source: kommandotech

Need content that will make your business thrive?

Then, choose a writer who has advanced knowledge in the IT industry, knows all the jargon and is familiar with all the modern technologies.

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Technology Articles

iot securityIoT Security: How to Keep Your Smart Devices Safe

The Internet of Things industry is growing amazingly fast, and yet few people understand the risks which are associated with this innovative technology. Read the article to discover the key security challenges and what you can do to keep your devices and data safe...

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ransomware faq

Ransomware FAQ: How it Works and How to Prevent it

Ransomware is a species of malware which encrypts the files on the victim's device(s), making them inaccessible. Then, the cyber criminal demands a ransom from the victim, promising to restore the data after receiving the money. The malware will display specific...

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cloud computing

Cloud Computing Categories, Types and Benefits

People are constantly trying to find new ways to store and access their data as safely and quickly as possible. While some use external hard drives to keep copies of their data, businesses have much greater needs, so they'll often utilize the safe and affordable services which...

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